Online Subscription ~ don't forget to submit your 2013 Membership form!!

Be aware that if you select the "Recurring Payment" option - monies will be taken automatically by PayPal annually until you cancel this function.

Following on from previous years, we have decided to continue the availability for you to pay your annual membership online, using your Credit / Debit Card through PayPal.

Why are we offering this option?

We have found that during past years there have been several problems with the delays and loss of applications reaching the Membership Secretary. We also have had several occasions where memberships received have had insufficient postage. When this happens, it costs us £1.15 and 2 hours of time to go and collect this mail from the local sorting office - currently at no cost to RN&RMAA members.

Although the membership is £20.00, due to the way PapPal works we have had to add an administration charge of £0.88 ~ this covers the normal administration and transaction charges that apply to Merchants using PayPal. Normal 1st class postage is £0.46 or £0.75 for a large 1st class envelope - so it is not really that much more to guarantee the delivery of your payment.

If you wish to use the PayPal facility, just click on the subscribe button below and you will be taken into the PayPal payment screen.

Please Note:

At the moment, we are still using my business account, so when you go through to PayPal you will see "Business Web Startup" in the header - this is perfectly correct and is not a spam account. Any monies received through PayPal will be forwarded to Si Gay, RN&RMAA Treasurer.

What do I do next?

Once you have completed your transaction, please forward your receipt and a copy of your completed application form, click here to download a copy and send through to this new Online Membership email address for processing. Once sent you should receive an automated email confirmation, if you don't receive anthing, you might want to check your spam in-box to make sure.

If you experience any problems, please do not hesitate in contacting us, either on Online Membership or the Webmaster account.

The content of this webpage is the responsibility of Tim Broughton, Membership Secretary & the RN&RMAA Webmaster. If we need to add any additional information, please contact Tim, Membership Secretary or the RN&RMAA Webmaster direct.