The information below is really for the benefit of new members, there is also a direct link to the Forum in the top hand right corner of the header.

The Association has a free to join Forum, where we have several levels of membership:

  • Visitor - As a visitor you can view certain pages of the site but do not have the ability to reply, post or contact other members.
  • Guest - If we don't know who you are upon registering, you will be assigned the position of Guest. You will still only be able to access the same areas as a Visitor but you will be able to reply, post or contact other members.
  • Sponsor, RAF & Army member - These members have the same accessability as a Guest.
  • Full - Once we have received your Membership Application, you will receive the tag of RN&RMAA member. This will allow you access to the whole site, including Members only areas. One of the benefits of becoming a Full member, is some of the special discounts the RN&RMAA have on offer.

As accounts are pre-registered, which means that accounts have to be activated personally, it makes the forum free from spammers posting external links to unwanted sites.

Why don't you register with the Forum and join in the fishing community conversations. They are posting pictures, discussing Fly Fishing tactics or just join in the friendly banter.

You will also find that all Events, for both RN&RMAA & Commands, are listed here. As well as Availability for the Game Section.

We really are a friendly bunch ......